Lumix G9 – Slow Shutter Test

A very quick and non-scientific test of the Dual2 IS on the G9 with the PL 12-60mm f/2.8-f4.0.

All images taken hand held no other support i.e no leaning on anything. Three images taken at all shutter speeds and best image selected, all images taken in single shot mode at 12mm.

All images processed in Lightroom to pull down highlights and lift shadows – default sharpening.

It is of course a matter of opinion what constitutes acceptable sharpness but I would say 1s is sharp, 2s is just about acceptable and 3.2s is starting to look soft. So circa 5 to 6 stops of stabilisation ie. as advertised.

I am confdent that wth a bit of practice and concentration a shutter speed of 2s should prove no problem and 3.2 might just be acheivable.

One massive caveat here, the 3.2s exposure was shot at f/22 at which point diffraction will well and truely be impacting on image sharpness.  In due course I will do a further test at more sensible apertures.

As usual click on the images and then click again to see them bigger.

slow shutter-1
1/20s – f/4.5
slow shutter-2
1/15 – f/5.0
slow shutter-3
1/8s – f/7.1
slow shutter-4
1s – f/14
slow shutter-5
2s – f/20
slow shutter-6
3.2s – f/22

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