Not sure what’s going on here !

So far so good with the new G9 – however there may be trouble ahead.  This image was taken at 60mm on my new PL 12-60mm f/2.8-f/4.0 – this was the first time I have tried the lens at this focal length and I am more than a little concerned.

There appears to be very heavy vignetting at 60mm which I find very surprising and I am also more than a little concerned about the level of detail resolved in this image not helped but what appears to be quite a lot of noise even though this was shot at iso 200.  All in all I am not sure what to make of this and will be investigating further in due course.

fuerte 1-1
Fuerteventura Sunset – PL 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0 @ 60mm – f/4.0 – 1/125s – iso 200

Update: an update on my thoughts about the G9 for landscape photography can be seen here.

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  1. Can you tell us the camera settings, noise reduction, sharpness, etc.? It is JPEG out of camera, or it is from RAW-file?
    On my opinion at ISO 200 should „not“ have noise. Could be, that the sensor is not working correctly. Ask costumer service.


    1. It was a raw file – I need to do some further testing – one thing I am not sure about is how well Lightroom is processing the G9 files – I will do more testing over the next few days


      1. OK, mainwile I could see a lot of other images on flickr. And, I could not find noise on ISO200!!!
        If you have Windows-system, you could try the panasonic photo editing software. Download from the support site of Panasonic. Good look with next tests.


  2. I’m really glad I stumbled across your site. I do hope you can work out what went wrong with the shadows area but I do fear it’s the small sensor. I really like the look of this camera but I’m very concerned about its performance, especially in the shadows areas even at low ISO. This why I cannot decide between the G9 and the Fuji XT2. I look forward to reading your findings, good luck.


    1. Hi John,
      Here my link to dropbox for downlaod:
      Shot with G9 with Leica DG 12-60 with only Roomlight LED. AWB, no sharpen, no noise reduction!
      JPEG are all out-of-cam(OOC)! From ISO 200 – 25600.
      Well, there is an issue with JPEG-OOC ISO 200 ! The RAW-file is clean! I will write to Pana-Support for look at, and to resolve with firmware update. strange indeed?!


    2. Hi John,
      1) White Balance was not correct. I have to LED-lamps in the room. On white-light and the other one warm-light. You can see both on the language! Therefore it gives the impression of noise! But it is not! I do have to check White Balance first! Sorry for that.

      2) Noise reduction from the Camera Body:
      Well, that is one thing, that I not noticed. Even, if I set in the menu – noise reduction -5 – the camera software DO APPLY noise reduction! That is not so good. If I want to use the JPEG-OOC!

      3) All raw file are clean, and you can see at ISO 3200 REAL Noise! Good news.

      I do hope, this information help you.


      1. Hi Ian,

        Thank you so much.

        I’ve taken a good look in Lightroom 6.14 (Lightroom seems to display them better )and SilkyPix and I can see that there’s something that’s a little off in the jpeg file at iso 200. As you said the raw’s are clean.
        I did notice one thing though and that was the motif on the bag was sharper at iso 6400, than the lower value iso, perhaps the focus shifted.
        One thing is for sure the Raw file at 6400 is very usable and crushes my gx85 at the same value.:)
        I have an X100T and still prefer the jpegs out of the Panasonic.

        By the way, your EVF review was the best I’ve seen on the web and a honest one as well.

        Keep up the good work.

        Best wishes John


      2. Thanks John,
        About sharpness:
        Well I used a tripod, but without remote. I had the finger on the shutter-button and used AF! I took all images in short time, a little bit like on, real condition. So, it is clear that that AF lake a bit on this “avaible-dark-light-condition”.
        A agree with you, ISO6400 from RAW-file is usable. BUT, on less dark condition, I would go till ISO 12800!
        AND take care about White-Balance. For higher ISO – it is crucial to have the correct White Balance (Pana give us a great correction possibility) – Of course only, if you will use JPEG-OOC!!!

        I noticed, that the color are generally better, then the ones of the Oly E-M1 II! Generally the AWB works great on daylight! And the Kit-lens 12-60 DG Leica is great and sharp.

        I had the Nikon D800, Fuji X-Pro1, Samsung NX-1, Olympus E-M5 II and I do have to admit. The ergonomic of the G9 is awesome! I tried the E-M1 II a day, but it is not so ergonomic and the menu is inconvenience.

        I am happy with the G9! And my holy trinity lenses are Pana Leica DG 8.18, Pana Leica DG 12-60, and the Pana Leica 100-400! With this 3 lenses I have a range of 35MM equivalent 16 – 800 mm!!
        Awesome all weather-sealed and have place in a bag or back-bag! What else ….. Nocticron 42,5 for my birthday..

        Maybe, I would buy the GH5s for night-shootings or even movies! I will take a look and try it, once.

        Good light and best wishes Jean Pierre


      3. Thank you Jean Pierre for your invaluable information, it’s a great help.
        Everyone says the ergonomics are great, I do wish it didn’t remind me so much of my Nikon D7000 😀 which I can’t use any more due to my eyesight( OVF putting glasses on and off).
        I’m looking forward to reading more on your website in the coming weeks.
        Best wishes John
        Narbonne, France 🇫🇷


      4. Eh bien John, le viseur électronique est extraordinaire. Grand, très lumineux. Je porte aussi des lunettes (myopie), et je ne dois pas les enlevées. Oui, il y a beaucoup de personne, qui n’ose pas dire la vérité sur ce boîtier exceptionnel, que Panasonic a mis sur le marché. C’est une vrai gifle contre Nikon, Canon et Sony!
        Et le MFT (micro four third) et devenu adulte, et les objectives Pana Leica sont d’une qualité supérieur et étanche!
        A ce jour, le G9 est devenu un appareil PRO! Sans discussion. Et je connais quelque photographe professionnel qui utilise MFT déjà plusieurs années. Et personne, ce plain de la qualité d’image.
        Pourquoi pas enfin dire au revoir au DSLR-FF (fullframe)? Mais oui.. Il est temps.
        time is changing – take it now!
        Tout de bon, Jean Pierre


      5. Merci John,
        Cet après midi, je suis sorti et fait environ 100 photos. Si tu veux utiliser les JPEG-hors-camera, il est vraiment important d’ajuster les balance de blanc!!!! AWB ne fonctionne pas correctement.
        Tout les photos sont pris avec ISO100! Excellent, incroyable, aussi la qualité du zoom Leica DG 12-60.
        J’ai pu faire tout les photos sans besoins de voir sur le boîtier pour chercher les buttons! ça c’est ergonomie. Et le viseur électronique est vraiment excellent.
        Qui, enfin un DSLR sans miroir de haute qualité. Et les images le sont aussi!!!
        Merci Panasonic…..
        ça fait un grand plaisir…..
        tout de bon, Jean Pierre


      1. Very impressive Jean Pierre, for a zoom lens it’s exceptional. I really like the way the photos are rendered.
        I’m so pleased you’re enjoying your new camera so much.
        Thanks you for sharing them.
        Best wishes


      2. Thanks John, I was also deep impressed about the out-put of that zoom-lens. You see, Panasonic has improved, listen and learned – KAIZEN – pure!
        I do hope, I can have/render same results with the raw-file, when it works on Capture One and DXO. I do not have Lightroom or Photoshop (do not need it).
        And nowadays the new way of photography is JPEG-OOC! I am still a RAW-shooter. But, with the result of the JPEG-OOC from the G9, I can be “nowadays”! With polarize- and ND-filter all is possible…🙂
        All the best, Jean Pierre


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