Geotagging on the G9

The G9 does not have built in GPS – but what it does have is the ability to link via low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) to your phone and thereby import the GPS coordinates from the phone.

Now this all sounds great in theory but in practice is bound to be complicated and not work well.

Well the good news is that it works incredibly well and once setup so long as your phone is in range you need do nothing other than turn the camera on – it really is incredibly simple and a really good implementation – in some ways better than having built in GPS since in my experience built in GPS can be an absolute battery killer.

The camera is paired to the phone using the Panasonic Image App (download for free from the app store).  Once installed you need to ensure that app can use the phones “Location Services” – switch this on in the phones settings (Privacy Settings on an iPhone).


On the camera go to the Bluetooth menu (Spanner Menu – Page 1/5) and turn Bluetooth and Location Logging to ON- the little blue light will shine – tip, if you don’t want the blue light to show you can turn it off by setting Wireless Connection Lamp (Spanner Menu – Page 1/5) to OFF.


To pair the camera with the phone it is simply a case of firing up the app then clicking on the Bluetooth icon and following the instructions.

Once paired simply click on the Geotagging icon.


Switch on Geotagging and that’s it – all done.


and then whenever the phone is in range when the camera is switched on the GPS and Bluetooth symbols on the screen and/or evf will turn from greyed out to white once a connection is established and the phone has determined its GPS position – this normally just takes a few seconds.


And there you are  – good to go – couldn’t be easier !

8 thoughts on “Geotagging on the G9

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  1. I’m loving your blog on real world world use of the G9, which I am considering buying. Best I’ve found anywhere on the net


  2. Short and clear, thanks. But does not work in my case: I get the g9 paired with my Android phone, but the Geotagging icon in the app is not active (greyed). I have Remote operation, Transfer image, Camera settings copy and Shutter Remote Control icons highlighted, but not the Geotagging one. Any idea on what can be wrong?


    1. Not sure about Android but on the iPhone once the camera has paired and the GPS link is active the Geotagging icon on the app is greyed out – try checking on your camera to see if the GPS link is working.


  3. What they don’t tell you in the manual is that the Image App MUST be open (although it can be in background), but the phone can be locked, or it won’t work. Also, Geotagging will be greyed out for some reason.


  4. Unfortunately, none of this worked for me on two different G9’s. Wished it was as simple as you suggest. I was able to get a GH5 paired and working with GPS just fine but my G9’s I’ve been trying for six hours and no luck. The Panasonic Image App most certainly needs some work.


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