Many of the Sherry producers in Jerez run tours and tastings – it is interesting to learn about the production and Sherry types ranging from the dry Fino through to the sweet Pedro Jimenez.

The bodegas are of course very photogenic although light levels are very low therefore requiring the use use of a higher iso even with the G9s superb image stabilisation.

I visited the bodega of Lustau – one of smaller upscale producers – and very nice was the Sherry !

PL 12-60mm f/2.8-4 @ 60mm – f/4 – 1/20s – iso 1600

All image were taken at an iso of 1600 РI had not used the G9 much at higher iso so it is interesting to see the results Рthere is certainly more noise than would be the case with a full frame DSLR although the images do clean up reasonably well with a little noise reduction applied Рwith subjects like this applying noise reduction is reasonably problem free since there is limited fine detail being resolved.  As noted in previous blog posts I did however notice a magenta cast in some of these images (where shadows were lifted) which I have had to remove, not a difficult task but not ideal.




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