On Oleron there is really only one game in town – Huitres (Oysters).

The north coast of the island is dominated by the cultivation of this slimy crustacean that is a real favourite of the French and I have to admit that I am quite partial to a dozen myself.  The importance to the local economy is fairly obvious as you drive around the island.

Oleron Signpost – DUBAULT Joffrey is clearly not a fan of Oysters !

On the island itself the creeks that run into the Pertuis d’Antioche straits are crammed with the flat-bottomed boats, sheds and other ephemera used by the Oyster farmers.

The Flat-bottomed boats of the Oyster producers dominate the creeks of Oleron
A landscape dominated

Offshore many hectares of the tidal mudflats are covered with the racks, sacks and other paraphernalia of the industry – largely not visible from sea level the Oyster beds make a interesting sight at low tide from the air where the sheer extent of their cultivation can be appreciated.

At low tide the extent of the Oyster cultivation is obvious
Mud-flats, Oyster Racks and the Creeks of Oleron

And the end product.


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