Panorama Fail

On the east coast of Oleron the minor road that runs along the coast has been designated the “Route des Huîtres” and for good reason, all the way along the route are the colourful shacks and boats of the Oyster farming industry.

At the Port Ostréicole de La Baudissiere a number, about 15, of the disused shacks (Cabanes) have been converted into an artists community.  They make great photographic subjects and I have photographed them a number of times, see here and here.

However one photograph that I had wanted to take was a panorama showing all the Cabanes together, but despite mine and Lightroom/Photoshops best efforts I have not been able to produce a series of images that will stitch together other than just a couple of the Cabanes, like this:

to produce this:


The problem is that there is no scope to move back and use a long focal length to photograph the Cabanes and therefore a relatively short focal length has to be used which in turn introduces distortion and parallax issues that the stitching software just cannot deal with.

I therefore decided that the only way to tackle this subject was to stand back by taking to the air, with my drone, thus giving a much wider perspective on the subject.


Interestingly it is also possible by pointing the drones camera straight down to create overlapping images that Lightroom is able stitch, despite some parallax issues, into “google earth like” panoramic images.

As always click on the images to see them larger and to appreciate the detail captured.

Three image panorama – DJI Phantom 4 – altitude circa 100m
Three image panorama – DJI Phantom 4 – altitude circa 50m
Three image panorama – DJI Phantom 4 – altitude circa 50m

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