GX9 Tripod Socket

I mentioned one of the things that I don’t like about the GX9 is the location of the tripod socket, I was concerned about how close it is to the front of the camera.

Putting a small arca swiss compatible plate on it demonstrates the issue I was concerned about, not Panasonics finest moment in my opinion not least because best part of half of the plate is in effect supporting nothing !

Plate overhangs the front of the camera

The clearance with the tiny 12-32 zoom lens is fine as you can see below.

Clearance with 12-32 zoom

With larger lenses the clearance is not so good, the worst example being with my PL 100-400 where it is quite tight, the actual​ gap is about 2mm, so not much but enough just. So on the face of it all is ok.

Clearance with PL 100-400 is tight but it does fit, just !

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  1. Peak Design V3 plate has some room to slide plate back and forth for better positioning. It is also thinner.

    Suggest replacing 100-400 foot with RRS plate that has edge for antitwist. Numerous posts. Contact if you wish details.


    1. John, Thanks. Will take a look at the Peak Design Plate. Not too worried out the 100-400 to be honest as will very rarely be used on the GX9 as more a G9 lens.


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