Playa del Valle

The west coast of Fueteventura is a largely rugged and remote with hardly any safe harbours.  Access is generally difficult without a 4×4 – only a handful of spots are accessable by surfaced road.

One such spot roughly a third of the way down the coast is Playa de Valle – possibly one of the oddest places on Fuerteventura – some idiot thought it would be a good idea to build a large hotel – not surprisingly it looks somewhat run down and poorly used.

As it was a rather grey day but with some detail in the sky I thought perhaps a long exposure of the little “beach” might work with the blurred clouds skudding across, so tripod set up with little stopper on only to discover that I had forgotten to bring my L bracket with me so I had no way to attach the camera to the tripod – school boy error !

So I had to make do with a couple of normal exposure shots hand held – nothing special and not a spot I will hurry back to.

4 Nov (1 of 6)

4 Nov (2 of 6)


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