A Little Inspirational Help

Lockdown 3 coupled with some typically British weather has entailed a lot of YouTube.

One of the better “content producers” is a monthly photography show called Online Photography (not the most original title !), it is essentially a monthly show produced by a number of photographers from the Syke Photo Academy on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. It is well produced and generally informative if a little preachy at times and of course is a tad heavy on selling theit wares, but it’s free so fair enough.

One of the “sells” is the “Photographer’s Guide to Skye” a hard copy or pdf download that sets out to help photographers find the best spots on the island and helps with logistics vis when best to visit etc. Now in general I don’t tend to go for these kind of things as my perhaps misstaken perception of them is that are simply a list of the typical honeypot locations (that said the Skye guide does look to be a pretty decent offering), however, it did get me thinking that maybe something of the same ilk but more local i.e the Peak District, might make interesting lockdown reading.

So a bit of research turned up a series of guides, mainly of the British national parks, published by Fotovue, they seemed to get good reviews and be fairly comprehensive in their coverage and better still they did one for the Peak District – £20 on Amazon or £27.95 + PP direct from the publisher !

So Amazon Prime did the business and I am pleasantly suprised, best part of 500 pages, very well thought out and extremely comprehensive.

So over the next few weeks the new Sony will be getting and airing around some of the walkable locations and hopefully when Boris allows some of the spots a bit further afield.

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