As the global pandemic drags on travel remains difficult so no overseas trips for us this year, instead a few weeks in northern England and the Scottish lowlands or in today’s case the borders of Roman Britannia and Caledonia.

Hadrain’s Wall was begun in AD 122 and stteches the 73 miles across modern day Cumbria and Northumberland from the Solway Firth to the appropriately named Wallsend.

So on a very drab May day we headed to the area arond Crag Lough where the wall runs prominantly along the Whin Sill a 300 million year old Dolerite lava flow.

The Tree at Crag Lough
Barn at The Wall

As it was a relatively still day I was also able to get the drone airborne for a 360 panorama of Whinn Sill.

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