Dysart is a picturesque village on the Forth coast of Fife, once and important port for the export of salt and coal. Today following the decline of those industries a part of the village including the 16th to 18th Century white painted house on the Pan Ha’ has been preserved for future generations.

Dysart Cottages on the Pan Ha’

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  1. Hey, I don’t know why your blog posts from 2021 are only now showing up in the wordpress reader – maybe the problem is only in my reader – or because my search function is now also looking for Olympus cameras instead of Fujifilm – but … great photos and beautiful 360°!
    I have worked with Pentax myself for over 40 years, moving to Fujifilm a few years ago, and in the last 2 years I have discovered the benefits of the MFT system – especially great for outdoors, traveling light etc.
    Great website – will definitely be back.

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